Beautiful-te marama

Hi parents hi teachers and others today i was making a moon and moon in maori is called marama and my teacher said that my art was cool because they were matching colours and my favourite colour is blue because most of my family like’s blue hope you enjoyed my poem by Beautiful.

Beautiful-blog no girls allowed

I disagree because that’s not fair that only boys are allowed but not girls if boys are allowed then girls are allowed because it will be fair if riley can play rugby because they will all have fun together because they can win and get the trophy and they will win because she is good at running and getting goals thank you for watching i hope you had and good day bye.

Beautiful-About going to harold giraffe

On tuesday we went to harold the giraffe and we were learning about body parts and we were learning about our bran too and we were watching little kids talk to a adolte and if the man kown  were there school is and what there name is then the man might say that is his kid and then kaven will get kidnappe and then kaven will ask for help and we watched another video and it was about a girl was wegaling her hair and then they saved it so the girl was sad because they were being mean to her so she looked the other way and then we were talking about how she felt and me and fatima were partners and i said she felt sad and emberesst and mrs selveyer said stop and then we stoped and she said what was she felling and i said she was felling sad and she said yes she was.

on friday we went to go and have kiwi can and we were playing games but first we were doing a worm up and then we sat down and we were learning more games and the games that they let us play was so fun and then we were having another game and it was if the teacher says your name then you tage the other people if don’t and miss says me then i need to tage all of the people if i don’t in time and miss counts up to 1 then i need to sit down on the floor the end.

Today i made a cafe by myself and mrs grunt said good job and then i said yes im finished and then i put my chromebook away and then mrs grunt left.