My Favourite Food Challenge!


Kia Ora my name is Beautiful and my friends Fatima, Honor and myself made a poster about our favourite food.  I picked Burger King because they use delicious sauce.

I made sure that I chose an interesting title about my favourite food, interesting details about my favourite food and also an image that tells all about my favourite food.



Sailing Trip to Okahu Bay

On Tuesday 7th of May, we went for a sailing trip to Okahu Bay and we were learning how to be safe in a boat and wear a life jacket when you’re in the water because it can save your life and you won’t be able to drown in the water because there is foam, neoprene, and nylon in it and life jackets are so important because it makes you afloat on water and it can bring you back to shore.

We got on the speedboat and we were going the speed limit and the number was 5 and we were going 5 we saw a lighthouse and it was red and white and it was a small one and then jake was talking to us about the lighthouse and then we left and saw a pink boat and he asked us which house did it belong to and then we saw a pink house and everybody said the pink house and he said it was right and then we got happy and then jake asked us if we wanted to go under the bridge and we all said yes and then we saw a man walking on the bridge and then we waved at him and then he waved back at us and then we turned the boat around and he said do you know how the Tide comes in and out and we said the sun and he said the earth goes around and around and then we said we didn’t understand and then he said that the moon makes the tide go in a out and then I thought he was lying and the I asked Ms Naicker and she said it was true and then we left and we were going though the waves and the waves were so big and we were bouncing up and down.

Then we told jake to go fast and he said he can’t because the police on the Jetskis will come and arrest him and he said we can go fast when we go past the big wooden stikes and then we got past the wooden and then we all said 3,,,,,,2,,,,,,,1,,,,,,, go and then we went fast and then jasmine said don’t go fast because she was scared and then I told him to go more faster and then we went more faster and then jasmine got used to it and then we went to go and see another light house full with rocks by it and the mrs lammas said that she wanted to live in it and then we were talking a lot about the lighthouse and I was playing with the waves and touching the water and then we left and we were speeding again and then I keep saying go faster and then we went faster and i almost fell out of the speed boat and then we went next to the wooden sticks and then he asked us if we wanted to do a donut and we said yes and then we done it twice and mrs lammas got wet on her pants and then we went next to the quest so the people in the quest can go on the speedboat and we can switch and go on the quest and when we got in the quest we were playing with the water guns and we were shooting each other with them and then Sophia asked me to stair the boat and I said yes and I was doing it really good .

Timothy was staring at the other boat and made Fatima and Primrose fall out of the quest and then Fatima asked Lola, Primrose and Timothy to help her because she was very scared that she would drown but she forgot that she had a life jacket on but it was pulling her down because it was too heavy and then Primrose grabbed her hand and then pulled her back in the boat it was nice and cold in the water but a bit to cold but then she started laughing and then she thought that the waves were going to push her in to the sea or the ocean and then we asked her if she was alright and how she fell in and she told us.

Timothy was staring at the boat and came behind her and pushed her in the water and then when she finished falling in the water we started having a water gun fight and then Terrell broke one of the water guns and then we bumped into their boat and then Primrose asked us if we wanted a rase and I said ok we will see who would win the race and then we had a race and then we won because there was some wind

A Trip to Manukau

WALT:write a recount about our trip to manukau due drop event centre for the symphony orchestra.

first : we went toilet and then we ate our food we had smashed potatoes and meat it was good when we finished we all lined up and went under the palm tree and we were waiting for room8 and room9 once they got to the palm tree they all standed up and came by the kids bathroom and then we were all walking out but then mr hendricks told us to sit down so we sat down and then mr hendricks said remember all of the things they said because we are going to ask you when we get back and then we standed up and we went in a bus mr hendricks told us one boys bus and one girls bus some of the boys came in our bus and some of the boys went in the other bus we got there and we left at 11:55 we were on the motorway and it took us about 20 or 30 minutes and then we got there it was a good drive we were all relaxing and once we got there we jumped out of the bus and told the bus driver thank you.

Next: we went inside and sat down we were playing games and watching LV draw anime we waited for 10 minutes and then we standed up and went to go and sorry on the worm chairs we were waiting for every body to sit down and the choir director came out and was telling us how good the people were doing with the instruments and we were waiting for them to Introduced them self we were all sitting back and relaxing on the chair me and fatima were sharing a jacket and sapphire and primrose was sharing one we were all worm once we sat down they were practising how to do them and we were all excited.

Then: they started it was going quite and then getting louder and louder